Why do I need a home watch service?

There are risks associated with leaving your home (condo, townhouse, villa, estate) in Southwest Florida unattended for an extended period.  Whether you’re a seasonal or year-round owner who travels often, a home watch professional can mean the difference between damage and disaster.  So, you say you have a friend or neighbor “watching” your home?

Does your friend or neighbor know what to look for when “watching” your home? Home ownership does not a home watch professional make.   Is this person trained? Insured? Bonded? A home watch professional will turn your water on at the main upon arriving at your home so that every faucet can be tested, and pipes checked for leaks. And, it’ll be turned back off before departing.  Does your friend or neighbor have the equipment necessary to detect something that is out of the ordinary in your home? A hygrometer measures the humidity and temperature in your home, and a home watch professional will use it during every visit.   A home with a humidity level of 55% for as little as 72 hours, is a petri dish for the growth of microorganisms, including mold. Does your friend/neighbor use a laser thermometer to measure the air temperature at the vent nearest your air handler? The temperature there should be 15 degrees cooler than the thermostat. If it isn’t, there may be a problem with your air conditioning system.  A home watch professional will walk around and through your home checking your pool, landscaping, baseboards, walls, ceilings, corners, appliances and under sinks. A professional is trained to detect circumstances that indicate a potential problem BEFORE it becomes a major disaster.

What happens when your friend or neighbor has a family emergency or goes on vacation? Is anyone “watching” your home?  Home watch professionals have back-up plans so that another trained, insured and trusted professional will always be there for you.  You’ll receive a report after each visit letting you know if anything needs attention, or that everything is A-Okay. If appropriate, I’ll refer you to qualified technicians, contractors and repairmen, give them access to your property and report on progress to you.

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make. Invest in someone who will help protect it – Gail Schultz at Right Choice Home Watch is your right choice in home watch.